Vogue Nails PolyGel - Camouflage



PolyGel combines the best qualities and characteristics of two classic systems - gel and acrylic and most importantly, without their flaws! 

This material is stronger, more flexible and lighter than any acrylic or gel found in the nail industry. Unlike acrylic, PolyGel does not require the use of monomer, or a powder as it cures in LED or UV lamps. Unlike gels, PolyGel is easier to apply and does not leak; and during polymerization it does not cause a burning sensation to the nail plate. 

PolyGel allows you to structure the material on nail tips and model on forms at any speed at the convenience of the nail technician. It is also suitable as a strengthening foundation for the natural nail plate for further gel polish application. 

This material allows a nail technician to have 100% control over the restructuring process, without any leakage as it can with a gel, and without premature polymerization in air, like with acrylic. PolyGel allows you to continue working even after prolonged exposure to air. 

Color: Camouflage

Volume: 20 ml, 60 ml

Manufacturer: Vogue Nails Ru

Made in the Russia

How to Apply

1. Degrease the nail plate and apply primer. Squeeze out the required amount of polygel and apply to the prepped nail.

2. Soak a polygel brush in slip solution or rubbing alcohol and spread the polygel onto the nail plate. Design the artificial nails on molds, tips, or without molds.

3. Dry in a UV lamp for 3 minutes, in an LED lamp for 1 minute.

4. Apply color gel polish if desired.

5. Apply top for gel polish.

6. Remove the sticky layer from the top if necessary.

Tips for application & removal
To apply PolyGel, you need to use a degreaser, which allows the brush to slide smoothly over the material and distribute it as evenly as possible.

It does not have a strong odor, is light in filing, and it is encouraged to be applied directly on an acid-free primer and does not require preliminary application of the base layer. 

It is best removed with a nail drill using a coarse ceramic or carbide nail drill bit.

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