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"Yuki" is translated from Japanese as "snow", and this name best conveys the essence of this material for nail art. These flakes look like fragile and weightless snowflakes. They are the thin and come in various shapes and sizes, which can be gently laid onto the nail without spoiling their shape. The main advantage of this material is that there are a lot of options in terms of application, and they will always look completely different. 

Design: Yuki Flakes

Color: Translucent 

How to Apply:

1. Perform a manicure.

2. Apply base coat, dry.

3. Apply base color.

4. Using a brush, carefully apply the design to the sticky layer of colored polish until the desired result is achieved.

5. Remove excess.

6. Cover with a top coat without a sticky layer.

The design is also effectively obtained when mixed with the top and then applied in random order.

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