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Essential Flames Bit Bundle

$42.99 $45.95

The essential flames bit bundle is perfect for lovers of the "Russian flame" bit. These bits are the most commonly used in the industry for cuticle prep. Great for removing dead cuticle from the nail plate to prevent lifting. The bundle comes with a variety of grits which you can choose based on skin type. 

Please note that each bit will come individually sealed for sanitary purposes.

  • Soft Grit Sharp Tip Tornado Flame Bit 
  • Coarse Grit Soft Tip Diamond Flame Bit 
  • Very Fine Sharp Tip Diamond Flame Bit 
  • Soft Grit Sharp Tip Diamond Flame Bit 
  • Coarse Grit Sharp Tip Diamond Flame Bit
  • Nail Bit Case

**Important** Due to the situation in Ukraine, we are experiencing severe logistical issues. Manufacturers in Russia and Ukraine have raised prices for goods. All shipments now have to go through a rigorous customs clearance. Unfortunately because of these logistical issues, our prices have increased.