Vogue Nails Powder Pigment - Metallic Fuchsia



This metallic fuchsia powder pigment has a translucent metallic effect when rubbed on a cured gel color coating. It gives a beautiful shade to any gel polish. It looks especially good on black and dark tones of gel polish.

Design: Rubbing Powder

Color: Metallic Fuchsia

Weight: 2 g

How to Apply

1. Perform a manicure as you normally would.

2. After curing the top coat rub the pigment directly onto the dried layer of top coat without a sticky layer. 

3. Rub the pigment on 1 nail at a time and apply the product quickly once removed from the lamp.

4. Rub lightly and remove residue with a lint-free napkin.

5. Finish off with a top coat and cure for 30-60 seconds.

For best results, apply twice to a second layer of top coat for a more saturated effect. 

Helpful Tip: If you are having trouble applying the powder to the dried layer of top coat, try applying primer to the dried layer. Let the primer dry for 30-60 seconds and rub the pigment with your finger.