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Roubloff GN63R Inclined Synthetic Brush for Gel



This angled brush for gel application holds helps thicker gels evenly disperse and self-level on the nail plate. Several options of different thicknesses, which will allow you to work with different lengths of the nail plate and the degree of complexity of the design.


Hair type- Synthetic

Hair shape - Angular

Handle color - Dark red

Handle - Birch wood


Size 2
Stroke width: 2 mm
Hair length: 3 mm

Size 3
Stroke width: 3 mm
Hair length: 4 mm

Size 4
Stroke width: 4 mm
Hair length: 5 mm

Size 5
Stroke width: 5 mm
Hair length: 7 mm

Size 6

Stroke width: 6 mm
Hair length: 9 mm

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