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Luna Gel Jelly 6



Gel Jelly is a modeling clear gel-jelly suitable for correction and extension of nails, for restoration, strengthening of the square shape and repair of broken corners. 

Use this gel-jelly to create a flawless manicure with amazing durability, without chips or scratches. 

Modeling the shape of the nail is made easy with this product because the gel does not spread, has a good density and medium viscosity.

**Jar without brush

Color: Peach

Volume: 15 ml

Made in Korea

How to apply

1. Standard preparation of the nail plate.

2. Apply primer.

3. For adhesion, apply Rubber base in a thin layer to the entire nail plate close to the cuticle and side walls.

4. Strengthen or model nails.

5. Cure for 60 seconds.

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