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Vogue Nails Sculpted Gel - I Don't Clean

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Sculpted Gel is a single-phase camouflage gel with a medium to high viscosity and has a natural pink hue. It is ideal for creating and sculpting perfectly shaped nails and easily aligns the nail plate. With its high adhesion characteristics it is easy to use and is self-leveling. It is also suitable as a strengthening foundation for the natural nail plate for further gel polish application. 

Color: I Don't Clean                                                        

Volume: 15 ml, 30 ml

Manufacturer: Vogue Nails 

How to Apply

Tips for application & removal:

To apply sculpted gel you need to use a degreaser, which allows the brush to slide smoothly over the material and distribute it as evenly as possible.

It does not have a strong odor, is light in filing, and it is encouraged to be applied directly on an acid-free primer and does not require preliminary application of the base layer. 

Its cure time in a UV lamp is 3 minutes, and in a LED lamp 60 seconds.

It is best removed with a nail drill using a medium ceramic or carbide nail drill bit.

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