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Saeyang Wireless Portable Marathon K38 +H200 Handpiece - White



Enhance your on-the-go nail services or streamline your salon space with the wireless Marathon K38 Portable E-File Machine. This device is a testament to compact, efficient, and lightweight design, tailored for professionals seeking quality without constraints.

Enjoy a runtime of 8 hours with unrestricted mobility while maintaining top-notch manicure standards, thanks to its range of stable, high-performance handpiece: H200 (12V).


Slim & Lightweight: Its slender build and ultralight composition render it perfect for individuals who demand mobility without compromising on efficiency. The K38 fits effortlessly into the palm of your hand as well as any portable kit, enabling the delivery of salon-quality services directly to clients, ensuring a professional standard no matter the location.

No Compromise on Power: This compact powerhouse offers professional-level performance, while being wireless & rechargeable at the same time. The Marathon K38, designed for nail technicians, supports removal of gel, acrylic, and acrygel materials on manicures.

Speed Control: This compact and streamlined device boasts a user-friendly display that indicates speed settings up to a maximum of 30,000 rpm and allows for the adjustment of rotation direction to simplify tasks.

Mode Versatility: The e-file  integrates an overload protection mechanism and offers dual modes of operation: manual or with an optional foot pedal (not included). The micromotor's design enhances the professionalism and accuracy of nail services.

Features include a Reverse switch for direction change, an energy-efficient automatic standby mode, a pause button for temporary halts, a lightweight H200 handpiece for comfort, and a dedicated holder to keep the handpiece secure.

  • Works on 110V-220V
  • Max Speed: 30,000 rpm
  • Compact and portable size
  • Wireless & rechargeable
  • No vibration, noise, or heat after long operation
  • Easy to use - "one-touch" change of direction
  • Speed control
  • Comfortable grip
  • Handpiece dimensions: L129 mm x W24 mm
  • Handpiece weight: 142 g
  • Max Torque 2.7 Nsm (manufacturer discourages use of machines with Max Torque below 3.0 Nsm for pedicures).
  • Machine dimensions:  67 mm x128 mm x 30mm
  • Machine weight: 285 g
  • Made in Korea


  • Original box
  • Main Machine
  • Transformer unit
  • H200 Hand-piece (30,000 rpm)
  • Hand-piece holder
  • User manual  
  • Transformer Unit
  • Wrench for handpiece cleaning
Warranty Information

The Global Manufacturer's (SAEYANG) warranty on this specific device is 1 year from the date of purchase. If any situation may arise where warranty work is required, the device is shipped back to Korea for inspection and repair. Shipping to and from Korea is the customers responsibility. 

Exclusions from the warranty include cleaning, replacement of operational components (such as brushes, bearings, chucks, etc.), misuse, or improper alteration of the rotation direction.

Our store offers a LIMITED 30 Day Warranty from the date of purchase.  Shipping to and from our US location is the customers responsibility. The warranty process will be reviewed on a case by case basis as various factors play into the e-file's performance. 

Refund & Return Policy (policy specific to only SAEYANG products) 

A complete refund, excluding shipping expenses, is available solely for devices that remain unused and in their initial packaging. Should there be any indications of usage on the device or hand-piece, such as dust or skin traces, the item will be considered non-refundable, and the cost of return shipping will be your responsibility. Claims for refunds must be made through email within three days of receipt of the product.

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