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Kraft Paper Pouch for Sterilization 100 PCS - 75 x 150 mm


Self-adhesive flat kraft paper pouches are used for packaging, sterilization, transportation and storage of sterilized products. The bags are suitable for dry heat and steam sterilization.

The pouches are disposable and for one-time use.

Size: 75 x 150 mm

Color: White

Material: Medical Kraft Paper

Quantity: 100 PCS

Instructions for using Kraft bags:

1. Place instruments that has undergone disinfection and pre-sterilization cleaning in a new dry clean kraft pouch and seal.

2. On the pouch, write the contents, the date and time of sterilization. Initials of the person who carried out the processing  can also be included.

3. Carry out sterilization in an autoclave or a dry-heat cabinet.

4. If the external indicator on the kraft pouch changed color from purple to green, the sterilization was carried out correctly. 

Please note that several instruments can be sterilized in one package, but it should not be overfilled. Manicure and pedicure instrument sets are sterilized separately.


  • Inspect the package carefully before use. Damaged packaging must not be used.
  • Check if the sterilization indicator is present and matches the color indicated in the instructions.
  • Write the contents, the date and time of sterilization directly on the pouch. 
  • Sterilization of tools is carried out according to the type of sterilizer selected.
  • Packages with sterile instruments are stored in the sealed pouch, in dry and clean cabinets, avoiding dust, moisture and sunlight. If moisture gets on the kraft pouch, it is considered unusable even after drying.

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