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Adhesive Glue for Rhinestones

$8.99 $12.99


Strong and reliable glue for rhinestones and other volumetric designs.
The system consists of two components: adhesive glue and adhesive fixer.

Volume: Since 15 ml of glue corresponds to a given volume of fixative, and the volume of the glue bottle has a volume of 30 ml, it is only half full.

How to apply:

1. On a cured top coat, place a drop of glue with an orange stick.

2. Glue a rhinestone on top of the drop of glue.

3. Spray the adhesive glue.

4. Wipe with a lint-free alcohol wipe.

Tips to consider:

*The drop of glue should not exceed the diameter of the rhinestone.

*Spray away from the eyes.

*Glue and rhinestones may become cloudy after spraying with fixative. Within 24 hours the clouding will disappear.

Guaranteed adhesion for entire wear.