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Adore Professional Gel Polish- Cupcake



A high-quality, medium-thick gel polish with a rich, dense pigment. Provides a neat uniform coverage of the nail plate in 1-2 thin layers.

The gel polish perfectly self-levels, does not shrink or spread over the nail plate, and thanks to the ideal shape and length of the brush is very convenient to apply. Doesn’t have a pungent odor.

Due to its rather thick consistency, gel polish can be used not only as an independent color coating, but also for design.

Advantages of ADORE professional gel polish:

  • safe 9-free formula
  •  an up-to-date palette of carefully selected shades
  • 3-stage product testing

Volume: 8 ml

How to apply

1. Degreasing: degrease the nail plate mechanically (using a buff) and chemically (using PREP&FINISH and a lint-free tissue)

2. Dehydration/dehydration: apply NAIL FRESHER to the entire nail, let it dry in the air until a whitish shade appears on the surface of the nail plate

3. Bonding: with a semi-dry brush, apply ULTRABOND acid-free primer to the entire nail, departing from the cuticle and side ridges by 1 mm. Allow to air dry for 15 seconds

4. Base coat: apply a base coat with a even medium layer. Polymerize  in a UV lamp for 2-3 minutes, in an LED lamp for 60-90 seconds

To level the nail plate architecture with a base, we recommend to use bases with a low level of acidity on a layer of dried priming base coat

5. Color: apply GEL POLISH 1-2 thin layers, avoiding strong pressure on the brush. Cure each layer in a UV lamp for 2 minutes, in a LED lamp for 60 seconds

6. Finish coat: fix the coating with a top coat. Polymerize in a UV lamp for 2-3 minutes, in an LED lamp for min 60 seconds

To level the nail architecture plate with a top, we recommend using tops of medium-thick and thick consistency

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