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Adore Professional Low Acid Base



Transparent self-leveling elastic base with medium consistency. Neutral PH suitable for damaged and sensitive nails prone to allergic reactions and for pedicures. Not suitable for alignment.

It is used as a base coat for gel polish for natural hard and undamaged nails, for weak and thinned nails - as a thin base for strengthening with gel/acrylic gel. Suitable for pedicure.

It exhibits good adhesive properties for 10-14 days due to the low level of acidity (the period of wear of the coating is doubled with using a bond) .

The main advantage is that it provides an optimal period of wearing the gel varnish coating without significant damage to the nail plate.
+ elastic
+ self-leveling well
+ does not have a strong smell
+ does not burn in the lamp
- not suitable for alignment

Volume: 8 ml

Consistency: medium

The polymerization rate: high

 After curing: medium-hard

Acidity: low

How to apply

0. Prepare the nail plate: perform a manicure, give the desired shape to the free edge of the nail.
1. Degreasing: degrease the nail plate mechanically (using a buff) and chemically (using PREP&FINISH and a lint-free tissue)
2. Dehydration/dehydration: apply NAIL FRESHER to the entire nail, let it dry in the air until a whitish shade appears on the surface of the nail plate
3. Bonding: we do not recommend using bonds on hands prone to allergies to avoid irritation. In all other cases, to increase the adhesiveness of the base, apply the ULTRABOND acid-free primer to the free edge with a semi-dry brush.
Allow to air dry for 15 seconds.
4. Base coat: apply the base in a thin layer without leveling. Polymerize the base coating in a UV lamp for 2-4 minutes, in an LED lamp for 60 seconds

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