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Adore Professional Shelly Base- Milky Shell



SHELLY BASE is a palette of translucent camouflage bases with a holographic coating. Gentle natural tones of the bases imitate shades of mother-of-pearl of sea shells.

Elastic base of comfortable medium-thick consistency. Suitable for minimal leveling of NPs in the technique of leveling with liquid bases. It is recommended for applying a layer of base-substrate primer.

Used as an independent camouflage shade or as a base/design element. The semi-transparent texture of the base adjusts to the color of the nail plate, smoothing the transition from the natural nail to the colored coating.

Consistency: medium

Polymerization speed: high

After polymerization: medium-hard

Pigmentation: medium

Acidity: medium

Color: Camouflaging base with potal #02 - milky transparent

Volume: 7.5 ml

How to apply:

1. Prepare the nail plate: perform a manicure, give the desired shape to the free edge of the nail.

2. Degreasing: mechanically (using a buff) and chemically (using PREP&FINISH and a lint-free tissue) degrease the nail plate

3. Dehydration/dehydration: apply NAIL FRESHER to the entire nail, let it air dry until a whitish shade appears on the surface of the nail plate.

4. Bonding*: with a semi-dry brush, apply ULTRABOND acid-free primer to the entire nail, departing from the cuticle and side ridges by 1 mm. Allow to air dry for 15 seconds.

* when using MULTI BASE, this step can be skipped

5. Base coat: apply MULTI/RUBBER BASE priming base coat in a thin/rubbing layer. Polymerize the base coating in a UV lamp for 2-3 minutes, in an LED lamp for 60 seconds

6. Color: apply SHELLY BASE. If necessary, make a minimum leveling of the nail plate up to 1 mm, distribute pieces of potali on the nail with the help of a liner brush. Polymerize the base in a UV lamp for 2-4 minutes, in an LED lamp for 60 seconds. 


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