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Akzentz Pro-Formance Hard Gel – Adhere Bonding Base Coat, 7g


ADHERE creates an adhesive coating for gels to perfectly bond the gels to the nails. 

ADHERE is the first step in the Pro-Formance system. This bonding base gel creates perfect adhesion between the natural nail and your enhancements. No primer needed! This base has everything you need to create beautiful gel nails that last. Because Adhere is used very sparingly (very thin layer, once!) and it is only offered in 7g jars.

DIAMOND STRENGTH TECHNOLOGY (DST) Pro-Formance is the perfect choice for creating beautiful nail enhancements. The high quality and strength is achieved through DST which utilizes superior molecular cross-linking. Pro-Formance will maintain its durability regardless of your client's lifestyle.

Apply a very thin layer to the natural nail as your first step. Cures in 30 seconds under LED and 2 minutes under UV.

Sizes available: 7g/.25oz