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AKZENTZ Black-On No-Cleanse Color for Chrome


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The solution for doing chrome nails quickly has arrived! Tack free no-wipe Black color with superior shine that's perfect for chrome! It is easy to apply and easy to soak off.

Like all Akzentz gels, it's 100% pure gel, solvent free, and made from top quality European and North American ingredients.

  • Can be applied over any finished nail product
  • Works with any gel or acrylic
  • LED 30 sec. cure / UV 2 min. cure
  • Professional exclusive product that clients can't find in stores
  • Easy to apply in a polish bottle
  • 100% Pure Gel, no solvents won't wrinkle!​
  • Reliable Akzentz quality made in-house in Canada 

Volume: 15 ml

Cures in 30 seconds under LED and 2 minutes under UV.

How to apply:

  1.  Prep nails as usual
  2. Apply over nail enhancements ( Soft Gel or Hard Gel).
  3. Apply one coat of Black On.  Cures to a glossy no wipe finish.
  4. Apply Pearlescent Powder of choice.
  5. Apply Shine On to seal in the Pearlescent Powder and cure.
  6. For a more vibrant finish repeat steps 4 & 5.
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