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AKZENTZ Shine-On No Wipe Top Coat



Shine-On UV/LED Gloss coat is a tack free (non-wipe) shatterproof Top Gloss with superior shine and mirror-like finish.Shine-On can be applied over nearly any nail product to achieve a perfect glossy effect. It's straightforward to apply and equally simple to remove. Consistent with the high standards of all Akzentz gels, Shine-On is made from 100% pure gel, contains no solvents, and is crafted from the finest European and North American ingredients. 

  • Suitable as a final top coat over any finished nail
  • Delivers exceptional shine without yellowing over time
  • Compatible with all gel, polygel, dip systems, or acrylics
  • Cures in 30 seconds under LED or 2 minutes under CFL
  • Exclusively available to professionals and not sold in retail stores
  • Convenient "polish" format for easy application
  • Crafted with 100% pure gel
  • Trusted Akzentz quality, produced in-house in Canada

Volume: 15ml/0.5oz

Cure time: 30 seconds LED/2 minutes UV

Please note: 

Akzentz products are specifically designed for use by trained and/ certified nail professionals. These products are not suitable for personal, at-home use. By purchasing, you confirm that you are either a certified professional or have received proper training to use these products. Akzentz items are available exclusively via designated professional nail supply distributors like Nail Mart USA, which have exclusive rights to their specific regions. As such, these products are not permitted to be sold across different distributor territories. Please refer to a  provided list of restricted areas for more information.

Please be aware that Akzentz products may not be compatible with other brands, and not all UV lamps may effectively cure these products. For optimal results, we strongly recommend using a consistent brand of products throughout each service and employing one of the professional-grade nail lamps listed on our website.