Beginner Bit Bundle

$53.99 $59.95

The beginner bit bundle is the perfect starter kit for any beginner nail tech who wants to start working with nail bits. Also great for practicing nail techs who want to learn the dry (Russian) manicure technique.

Please note that each bit will come individually sealed for sanitary purposes.

  • Soft Grit Carbide Bit
  • Soft Grit Ball Bit (3.1 mm)
  • Very Fine Diamond Flame Bit (2.1mm)
  • Soft Grit Diamond Flame bit (1.8mm)
  • Only Clean Bit 
  • Nail Bit Case

**Important** Due to the situation in Ukraine, we are experiencing severe logistical issues. Manufacturers in Russia and Ukraine have raised prices for goods. All shipments now have to go through a rigorous customs clearance. Unfortunately because of these logistical issues, our prices have increased.

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