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Busch Diamond Drop Nail Bit - Medium Grit



High quality drill bit best used to quickly and painlessly clean and remove cuticles during a dry "machine" manicure or pedicure. This bit can also be used for lateral nail fold treatment. Commonly used for pedicures.

Suitable for both dry and wet techniques.

* Sold individually (1 nail drill bit)

Diameter: 4.7 mm

Grit: Medium

Shape: Drop

Manufacturer: Busch

Made in Germany

Rpm/Rotating speed: From 5,000 to 15,000

More about Busch's Bits

Diamond cutters (diamond cutters on a stainless steel backing) are a versatile tool with the following advantages:

  • Durability - enough for 3-4 months
  • Variety of bits - differ in shape, diameter, degree of abrasiveness
  •  Possibility of versatile application - suitable for different types of processing
  •  Suitable for wet and dry equipment
  •  Can be used for diabetics
  •  Have anti-corrosion properties
  •  Easy to disinfect and sterilize

Diamond cutters can be sterilized in an ultrasonic bath, in a steam sterilizer (autoclave) (134°C), dry-heat cabinet (180°C); process in a washer-disinfector for thermal disinfection. Disinfectants for hand tools and rotary tools can be used to decontaminate diamond cutters. 

Diamond cutters are well suited for filing and polishing the nail plate, smoothing the skin in places where hyperkeratosis has been removed, processing hard side walls and removing dead skin.