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Busch Speed-Cut Ceramic Cone Nail Bit - Coarse Grit 6.0mm



Great drill bit for the removal of gel, polish, hard gel, and polygel in a dry "machine" manicure or pedicure. Helps remove thick artificial material quickly and effectively and is easy to clean. 

The front tip of the bit does not have cutters, making it a safer choice for sensitive clients or beginner nail technicians. 

* Sold individually (1 nail drill bit)

Diameter: 6.0mm

Grit: Coarse

Shape: Cone

Manufacturer: Busch

Made in Germany

Rpm/Rotating speed: From 7,000 to 25,000

More about Busch's Ceramic Bits

Modern, innovative, aesthetic and efficient  Ceramic bits are the main features of the new line of KERA bits . This is a noteworthy alternative to carbide cutters.
High-tech ceramics are distinguished by their high wear resistance and
strength. This high-performance ceramic weighs 25% to 60% less, making both client and nail technician feel comfortable. The biocompatibility of the ceramic material will be especially appreciated by clients who are allergic to metal.

The main three technologies of “KERA” milling cutters are:

  • SPEED-cut - with passive safety, recommended for clients with diabetes;
  • X-cut - the teeth are arranged in the shape of an "X", the cutter is used in working with thick and fungal affected nails. Effectively removes artificial coatings (gel, acrylic, etc.);
  • Coarse straight cut - a cutter with transverse and longitudinal notches designed to work with thick and fungus-infected nails. Effectively removes artificial coatings (gel, acrylic, etc.). Small molds available for hard to reach areas.

The “KERA” line cutters are suitable for all cases - both for fungal infections or thickened nails, and for nails covered with gel or acrylic.

These high quality products withstand all disinfection and sterilization methods, so conventional sterilization programs can be used. Can be sterilized in an ultrasonic bath, in a steam sterilizer (autoclave) (134°C), dry-heat cabinet (180°C); process in a washer-disinfector for thermal disinfection. Disinfectants for hand tools and rotary tools can be used to decontaminate the cutters.