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Busch Carbide Cylinder E-File Nail Bit- Coarse



Great drill bit for the removal of gel, polish, hard gel, acrylic, and polygel in a dry "machine" manicure or pedicure. Helps remove thick artificial material quickly and effectively and is easy to clean. 

* Sold individually (1 nail drill bit)

Diameter: 6.5mm

Grit: Coarse

Shape: Cylinder

Manufacturer: Busch

Made in Germany

Rpm/Rotating speed: From 15,000 to 30,000

More about Busch's Carbide Bits:

T-SPEED PLUS carbide cutter series have revolutionary cuts, a smooth innovative edge and a gold-colored Titan-Nitrit coating.

These are ideal cutters not only for podiatric procedures, treatment of fungal infections or thickened natural nails, but also for polishing artificial nails in manicure and pedicures. Due to the special arrangement of notches and the smooth tip of the working part, you can work with these cutters quickly and safely.

A softer gel coat or a fungal nail can be gently finished with a medium cut T-SPEED bit, while for harder acrylic or thicker nails, the T-SPEED PLUS bit is more suitable for quickly removing material. 

Can be sterilized in an ultrasonic bath, in a steam sterilizer (autoclave) (134°C), dry-heat cabinet (180°C); process in a washer-disinfector for thermal disinfection. Disinfectants for hand tools and rotary tools can be used to decontaminate the cutters.