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DGEL Healing Potion Nail Strengthener



DGEL's Healing Potion provides nutrients to weakened hands and toenails, making the protein layer of the nail plate stronger and healthier over time. Enjoy a white floral scent when applying.

DGEL's healing potion uses Vitamin E and keratin ingredients to nourish weak finger and toenails.

Removal: Soak-off 

Volume: 14 ml

Made in Korea

How to Apply

1. Apply a thin layer of the healing potion to clean natural nails. Allow it to dry naturally.

2. Apply the healing potion once more. Do this for 2 consecutive days.

3. After the nutrients are absorbed on the third day, clean the potion off the nails with nail polish remover and apply again.

4. Repeat Steps 1-3 for 2-3 weeks.