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Luna Cuticle Remover - Light


Remover Light is a mild urea-based remover that does not destroy the nail plate nor softens it. 

Cuticle remover for neat and non-traumatic removal of dead skin. Cuticle remover is a special tool for softening and removing the cuticle in the form of a gel, which helps to remove keratinized skin particles. 

The use of remover helps soften and moisten the cuticle, with the help of which you can get a perfect cut with scissors, slows down the growth of the cuticle, gives it softness, elasticity and a well-groomed appearance.  


  • works only with cuticle and pterygium;
  • does not contain acid;
  • it does not contain aggressive components;
  • does not dry the skin, but on the contrary moisturizes;


  • You can dilute with water, if there is no water, then wash your hands with water afterwards.
  • It is longer in action, so it can be applied to all fingers at once. 
  • Begins to act after 30 seconds. 

Volume: 60 ml

Manufacturer: Luna

Made in Korea