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Luna Transparent Strong Base



 Luna's Strong base is a solid base, similar in properties to hard gel. It is easy to distribute and helps align the nail plate, hide flaws, and imperfections. Suitable for all types of nails.

Additionally, protects the nail from colored pigment and prolongs the durability of the manicure.


  • Suitable for thin and brittle nails (short and medium length).
  • Makes nails hard and strong.
  • The consistency is medium-liquid, which allows you to make alignment in a few seconds.
  • Does not flow and self-levels very quickly.
  • Removes well with both filing and soaking in acetone.
  • The basic rule for leveling — the thickness should be 1 mm on the free-edge.
  • Has 3 properties: base, gel and top.
  • If you remove the stickiness from this base, then you do not need to cover it with a top coat, it has a good gloss. 

It is important to apply a thin layer of elastic Rubber base and curing it prior to applying the strong base. It is best to use Lunamoon Rubber base.

    Cures in LED/UV

    Volume: 13 ml, 30ml

    Made in Korea

    How to Apply

    1. Apply a degreaser to remove grease and dirt from the nail plate and air dry for 3-5 seconds.

    2. Apply primer to the nail plate to firmly grip the base to the nail and air dry for 1 minute.

    3. Apply a thin layer of the first layer of the gel base coat. Dry in a UV lamp for 2 minutes, in LED - 30 seconds.

    4. Apply a coat of strong base to align the nail plate. Dry in a UV lamp for 2 minutes, in LED for 30 seconds.

    5. Apply gel polish and coat the free edge to avoid chips and peeling. Dry in the UV lamp for 2-3 minutes, in the LED lamp for 30-60 seconds.

    6. Apply a gel top coat and coat the free edge, dry in a UV lamp for 2–3 minutes, in a LED lamp for 30–60 seconds, remove the sticky layer with a lint free napkin.