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Magic Mirror Liquid Chrome Powder - #11



Experience the fusion of chrome and liquid! Introducing the Dust-Free Formula of Liquid Mirror, which, when applied, imparts a stunning chrome effect to your nails. The outcome varies based on your chosen base color, adding a unique nuance to your set.

Remember to shake well before use.

Clean Application, No Mess: With no powder involved, cleanup time is easy. Liquid Mirror's technology allows particles to evaporate on the nail, resulting in a chrome finish when rubbed in.

Enhanced Chip Resistance: Unlike typical chromes that tend to chip easily, Liquid Mirror, when applied correctly, is less prone to such incidents!

Note: Not suitable for intricate chrome designs. The item's color may slightly differ from the pictures due to light and screen settings.

Volume: 5ml

How to apply

1. Apply and fully cure a non-wipe top coat.

2. Apply Liquid Mirror to the nail, let dry for 30-60 seconds.

3. Promptly rub it in using a cushion sponge or your finger. Repeat 2-3 times for the desired effect, seal with a top coat, and revel in your exquisite manicure.