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Mertz Professional Cuticle Nail Tweezer Scissors - Model 655



The MERTZ 655 model professional cuticle tweezer scissors are hand-sharpened for a flawless finish that contributes to long instrument service life. The tweezer is designed for professional use and safe handling of the cuticles. They have an unusual shape, including bent thin blades which provide ease when cutting and reaching the most inaccessible places. The tweezers are comfortable to use and are extremely high quality due to its medical steel composition.

Manual sharpening by @Topzatochka/@Zatochkammk

Sold Individually (1 PCS)


Manufacturer:  MERTZ (GERMANY)

Model: MRZ 655

Material: German medical grade stainless steel 

Length:  12 cm

Width:  2.7 cm

Length of blades: 16 mm

Type of blades: direct

Coating: frosted