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Nippon Nippers Cuticle Nippers - Models N-02S-7



Model N-02S-7 nippers have convenient short handles. The low level of tilt of the cutting blade reduces the weight on the shoulder during usage.


  • The nippers are made of high quality steel and are hardened to high hardness (the hardness of the blades reaches 53-55 HRC). This allows you to keep sharpening much longer.
  • The shape of the handles and the slope of the blades are optimal for work, the springs give an increased resource.
  • Manual professional sharpening.
  • Designed for professional use, they can be subjected to all types of sanitary treatment.

Manufacturer:  Vietnam

Model: N-02S-7

Material: Japanese Steel

Length: 107 mm

Jaw: 7 mm

Spring type: Spiral