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ONIQ Echo Stamping Plate: Girl Power #3



Not just words - a mantra. Girls can, girls will. We have a lot in common and even more unique - a collection about love for everything girlish.

Collection: Girl Power

Design: Stamping plate. All prints are easily combined with each other.

Composition: 304 Stainless Metal, Plastic Panel, Plastic Film.

Manufacturer: Mama Brands LLC

How to use

1. Apply gel paint to the selected image on the stamping plate. Remove excess paint with a scraper. 

2. Transfer the gel paint with a rolling motion onto the stamp. 

3. In the same movement, transfer the image to the prepared nail from the stamp. 

4. Cure in the lamp (in UV - 3 min., In LED - 1 min.). 

5. Secure the result with the top.