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Busch "Ony Clean" Stainless Short Head E-File Nail Bit - SET OF 2


The "ony-clean" stainless nail bit is a multi-angle non abrasive bit that is excellent for beginners due to its safe shape. It is great for cleaning and lifting the cuticle without damaging the skin and does not cause bleeding. 

* Sold in a set of two (2 nail drill bits)

Diameter: 1.2 mm

Grit: Soft

Shape: Polygonal

Model: 407RS

Manufacturer: Busch

Made in Germany

Rpm/Rotating speed: From 7,000 to 15,000

More about Busch's ONY Clean Bits

ONY CLEAN is the name of BUSCH 's tools for gentle and effective cleaning and treatment of cuticles and lateral folds.

The multi-faceted working surface of the ONY CLEAN 407RS guarantees a safe and delicate procedure without injury, since the handpiece, unlike other rotating instruments, does not have sharp edges. These gentle treatments are especially suitable for diabetic clients. 

Another option is the 406L-RS cutter with multifaceted cutting surface, this cutter is twice as long as the standard version.

These special instruments with passive safety offer specialists the widest range of options for the gentle treatment of high-risk patients (eg diabetics).

Like all other BUSCH medical instruments, the ONY CLEAN 407 RS and 406L-RS medical products are CE marked.

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