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Quick Ombre Spray Powder - #7



Introducing the Ombre Spray – an innovative and user-friendly solution for achieving a unique nail ombre transition. Encased in a patented bottle, this fine-grained porcelain powder is applied with a firm, blowing motion into an un-cured layer of base gel that has yet to fully set, resulting in a stunning ombre effect. 

Packaged in a patented 14ml bottle, the Ombre Spray contains 5g of material, ensuring an even distribution for every application. For a seamless outcome, it is advised to shake the bottle periodically during application.

  • Works with dip powder, UV gel, or acrylic
  • Spray-on dip powder nail art for fast and easy application
  • Lasts 14 days or more
  • Endless color coordinating possibilities

Bottle Size: 14ml

Volume: 5g

Color: Barbie Pink


Poly (Ethyl Methacrylate), Poly (Methyl Methacrylate), Dibenzoyl Peroxide, Mica.

How to apply:

1.  Apply a thin, clear layer of base gel or any tinted base gel, do not cure.

2. Spray the material from the bottle onto the un-cured layer to create the desired ombre effect. Layering enhances the color depth, allowing for customizable and intense results.