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Roubloff DB13R Round Brush for Fine Lines



The bristle of the brush bundle is natural squirrel hair, processed by hand. Thanks to its natural bristles, the tool works easily even with liquid paints - the material quickly flows onto the surface of the nail plate. It is ideal for thin lines and fine details. Brush comes in a variety of thicknesses, which will allow you to work with different lengths of the nail plate and the degree of complexity of the design.


Hair type - Squirrel

Hair shape - Round

Handle color - Dark red

Handle - Birch wood



  • Diameter: 0.8 mm
  • Hair length: 8mm

No. 1

  • Diameter: 1 mm
  • Hair length: 10mm

No. 2

  • Diameter: 2 mm
  • Hair length: 11mm