Siller Octo Cover RAL Rubber Base 6033 - Turquoise



Siller colored rubber bases evenly rest on the nail and hide any bumps or roughness. The base is of medium consistency and perfectly self-aligns. Thanks to its elasticity, it is very easy to use. Product saves time as it is a rubber base + color in one. 

Base cover with OCTOPIROX component (Switzerland manufacturer), which minimizes the risk of onycholysis.

Control technology – distributed heat generation, which minimizes the effect of baking during polymerization.

SILLER OCTO COVER BASE – super pigmented and extremely easy to work with.

Color: Turquoise

Volume: 8 ml

How to apply

1. Apply a degreaser to remove grease and dirt from the nail plate and air dry for 3-5 seconds.

2. Apply primer to the nail plate to firmly grip the base to the nail and air dry for 1 minute.

3. Apply a thin layer of the first layer of the color gel base coat. Dry in a UV lamp for 2 minutes, in LED - 30 seconds.

4. Apply a second coat of color gel base to align the nail plate. Dry in a UV lamp for 2 minutes, in LED for 30 seconds.

5. Apply a gel top coat and coat the free edge, dry in a UV lamp for 2–3 minutes, in a LED lamp for 30–60 seconds, remove the sticky layer with a lint free napkin.