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Siller Polygel - Cover #1



Siller Polygel combines the best characteristics of acrylic and gel: simplicity and ease of use, strength and practicality of the finished manicure.

Siller polygel does not weigh down the manicure and is practically not felt on the nail plate, despite the density and density of the material. This feature allows you to perform polygel extensions even on thin and brittle nails, with increased sensitivity to weight in the stress zone of the nail. Polygels relieve pressure on the natural nail to an optimal level while maintaining the necessary plasticity and strength

Due to its thick consistency, polygel can be conveniently and without unnecessary haste spread over the nail and model the desired shape and length.

Key Features

  • Comfortable texture in application
  • High durability and strength
  • Ideal for modeling, building, strengthening and repairing the nail plate

Color: Cover #1

Volume: 30 ml

Made in Germany

How to Apply

1. Degrease the nail plate and apply primer. Squeeze out the required amount of polygel and apply to the prepped nail.

2. Soak a polygel brush in slip solution or rubbing alcohol and spread the polygel onto the nail plate. Design the artificial nails on molds, tips, or without molds.

3. Dry in a UV lamp for 3 minutes, in an LED lamp for 1 minute.

4. Apply color gel polish if desired.

5. Apply top for gel polish.

6. Remove the sticky layer from the top if necessary.

Tips for application & removal
To apply PolyGel, you need to use a degreaser, which allows the brush to slide smoothly over the material and distribute it as evenly as possible.

It does not have a strong odor, is light in filing, and it is encouraged to be applied directly on an acid-free primer and does not require preliminary application of the base layer. 

It is best removed with a nail drill using a coarse ceramic or carbide nail drill bit.