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Zoo Nail Art Kamifubuki Heart Mix- Black


Kamifubuki open up great opportunities for creating new designs and harmoniously combine other types of designs.

Design: Kamifubuki Heart Mix

Color: Black

Size: Various

Weight: 1 g

1. We perform a manicure.

2. Apply base coat, dry.

3. We apply colored gel polish on the nails in 2 or more layers, each of which is dried in a lamp.

4. We apply a top coat and, without polymerizing, we sink the kamifubuki, using a brush, dots or a toothpick, carefully distributing the kamifubuki in the intended order. Dry in a lamp.

5. Next, leveling the surface of the nails to smooth out the protruding edges of the sequins. To do this, we use the top.

6. Spectacular manicure is ready!