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Zoo Nail Art Neon Pigment - Light Orange



A fine powder that glows a bright color under UV lamps or in the sun.

The pigment is applied to a sticky layer of color, base, top or gel paint. You can also create a sticky coating with a primer.

In order for the pigment not to lose its brightness, it is recommended to rub it on a white color. Pigments blend perfectly in a gradient/ombre design. 

Design: Neon Pigment

Color: Light Orange

Weight: 1 g

How to Apply:

1. Apply gel base, cure.

2. Apply white gel polish, cure. Gel polish should be sticky.

3. Using a fluffy brush, rub the pigment into the sticky layer. For a gradient, it is recommended to apply pigments starting from the free edge to the cuticle.

4. After applying the pigment, it is recommended to send the nail into the lamp for 10-15 seconds so that the pigment enters the stickiness better and does not smear when covered with a top coat.

5. Cover the nail first with a top with a sticky layer. The second layer, a top without a sticky layer.