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Introduction: Welcome to Nail Mart USA

September 30, 2020

Introduction: Welcome to Nail Mart USA

A few years back, while traveling through Eastern Europe we were introduced to the European/Russian style manicure. As women who are used to getting bi-weekly manicures in the states, we were very impressed with every aspect of the manicure process, and especially were astounded by the achieved results. Our fascination with that one manicure, began our journey into the world of the Russian Style manicure.

After that initial introduction, we immersed ourselves in studying every possible aspect of the industry. In the process of figuring out what makes this manicure so unique, we began by researching the technique used. The more we inquired, the more we realized what a detail-oriented industry it was, where every brand, tool, and product is specifically designed to be a part of this process. When we arrived back home, we decided to dedicate our time and efforts to introducing this technique to the American nail industry.

First things first, to start our learning journey, we wanted to become proficient in the technique ourselves.  We were able to find a nail technician with many years of experience in the field who moved to NY from Eastern Europe. Spending countless hours learning the technique and utilizing the proper tools, equipment and products that are tailored specifically for this process, we became knowledgeable in the field. While learning, we discovered that the products needed for this technique were not widely available in the US market. We started importing these products from Europe for our personal use, which eventually evolved into the idea of importing enough products to introduce and make available to all nail professionals in the US.

Through personal trial and error, extensive research and quality testing we discovered the products that fit all the criteria that we were looking for: quality, ecological factors, cruelty-free, versatility, and user friendliness. From the many brands that fit our criteria, we narrowed down our top choices which are now featured on our website. We decided that an e-commerce store would be the best channel to reach our fellow nail enthusiasts around the country!

Our future plans with regard to this venture include tutorials from experienced nail professionals, tips and tricks on how to properly use our products and helpful blog posts that introduce our amazing brands! Future big announcements and discounts straight to your inbox when you subscribe to our email list.


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