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Let's Talk Technique: What is a Russian Manicure, and why should it be included in your service offerings?

September 30, 2020

What is a Russian manicure and why should it be included in your service offerings?

Many women treat their manicure appointments as their personal relaxation time, and for some, it’s the only time to get away from their daily responsibilities. However, manicures are not free. With this in mind, it is the role of the nail technician to make that time as enjoyable and cost effective as possible. The European/Russian style manicure is the epitome of self-care and pampering. Although this technique is not for everyone, it is up to the nail technician and/or client whether to utilize it.

There are distinct differences between a European/Russian style manicure and the manicures that are popular in the states today. Unlike traditional manicures, a Russian manicure focuses on a completely dry manicure technique. This means that instead of soaking the cuticle in water or cuticle remover for easy removal, the cuticle is cleaned and can be removed with an electric file (drill that is typically used for acrylics and fillings) with the use of very fine nail bits. This avoids cutting the nail too aggressively and allows the nail technician to have more control. A dry manicure consists of two techniques of cuticle removal. The first is a “hardware manicure” where the cuticle is both cleaned and removed solely with the use of an electric file. The second method is a “combined manicure” where the cuticle is cleaned with an electric file but is removed with nippers or scissors. This process ensures that the cuticles and the skin around the nail bed are exceptionally clean, well-polished, and do not cause overgrowth. This technique is based on the European approach of protecting the health and longevity of the nails. This technique, combined with the products sold on our website and featured on our blog, makes the process more efficient as well as increases the wear of the manicure. This also factors into the cost effectiveness of the manicure as its wear is longer than of a traditional manicure.

Our suggestion is not to replace the techniques currently practiced by you or your colleagues, it is only to enhance your practice and expertise in the field. Not only will you increase your qualification as a professional, there are opportunities to increase your client base, and therefore your income!

The future we will bring you loads of useful information about all aspects of the nail industry at large and this technique in particular. Following our blog and social media platforms, we will guide you through the somewhat overwhelming world of manicures.

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